DEEDS (ownership documents) – they change title to your property (lots of different kinds):


Some primary kinds of deeds:

Warranty Deed (moves the property ownership from one entity/person to another, with lots of promises that the title and chain of title is clean);

Special Warranty Deed (basically the same as above but the seller only makes those promises for the time period that he/she owned the home, no guarantees from the time before they owned it);

Quitclaim Deed (moves the property from one entity/person to another, without any promises regarding the state of the title);

Disclaimer Deed (basically removes a spouse and makes the real estate your sole and separate property – used in divorce, but also in many other occasions);

Beneficiary Deed (lets your beneficiaries get your real estate when you die without probate – a cheap man’s Will for your real estate. New to AZ in 2021 and an awesome way to avoid probate for your beneficiaries);

Sheriff’s Deed (What the new Owner gets when your house gets foreclosed on, when you default on your mortgage/deed of trust;

Treasurer’s Deed (What the new Owner gets when you don’t pay your real estate taxes, and they buy your tax lien and foreclose on your house);

Trustee Deed (What the new Owner gets when you don’t pay your lender and your lender forecloses.

We can explain and prepare and execute all of these. We can record them the same day.  If you form a Living Trust, it is likely you will need to deed at least one piece of real estate into your Trust, using a warranty or quitclaim deed.


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