When you are in a conversation, are you listening to the other person?  Or are you thinking about what you are going to say next?  Do you ask follow-up questions or comment on their statements, or do you rather make a parallel between what they just said and something in your own life, hijacking the conversation to be about you.  Many people hijack conversations without even realizing they are doing it.  That is called “conversational narcissism.”  Try having a conversation without talking about yourself, without making a parallel, without turning it into your story.  Once you try it, you will realize you’ve likely been a hijacker many times.  When we are meeting with clients, or with customers, take the time to LISTEN to what they are saying, and make them feel like what they are saying is important.  Because they can see that look in your eye when it’s obvious you are just thinking about what you want to say next.  Don’t monopolize the conversation.  Be interested in what the other person is saying or in their issues without diverting the conversation to yourself.  Make them feel the center of your attention.  You can talk about you another time.  That is what good customer service is all about.