Something my mom always said to us, the four daughters, she would say, “always dress up and show up.” I didn’t exactly know what that meant when I was a kid, but by the time I graduated college, I started to understand. Present your best you, whatever you think is appropriate for where you are that day.

You never know who you are going to run into. When you run to the grocery store, when you’re doing errands. Even when you’re going to spend a half-day at the office and a half-day at home. I have learned to always be attentive – that I am showing up. It’s true, I work for myself, but I can’t count how many times I was just going to “run into the office for an hour“ and it would’ve been easier to go straight from F45 and shut my door. But guess what – everyone sees me in the hallway, they see me in the reception area, they see me walking to the coffee machine. I know that I want them to understand that I am always ready, if they have something to talk to me about, if they have a client in-house who they want to introduce me to. I better not be wearing a pair of spanks and a tank top.  I’m going to choose to think ahead and look my best.