We are all different, which is awesome!  We each have our own ideas of what is inspiring.  What are the things that inspire you? That make your day better?  That you look forward to every day?  And are you doing some of them every day?  Self-care is IMPORTANT.  If you are not hitting on at least a couple of things a day that make you tick better, then shame on you!  I love to read.  All day I look forward to grabbing my book before I go to bed.  I try to prioritize that, even if it’s only for 20 minutes.  I love to workout also, and I really enjoying cooking or baking.  If a day goes by where I don’t workout and I don’t read my book, and I don’t cook or bake, I am less effective at everything else, because I feel deflated.  Those are the days I am not showing up – I am not the superstar mom or partner on those days.  Taking care of myself will lead to me being a better mom, a better partner, I will be a better resource to my clients, and I will have a better day.