I was trying to explain efficiency to my daughter recently.  How, if she thinks about her day after she wakes up, and closes her eyes and mentally runs through each section of the day, it will help her gather the things that she needs for the day before heading out the door.  She knows she will have lacrosse after school – check. Grab the lacrosse gear. She knows she has a tutor after school – check. Grab the calculator and the binder.  I explained that by anticipating what we will need for the day before we walk out the door we will have a less frustrating day.  When I am running, and am coming upon a curb, do I just trip and fall or do I look ahead, see the curb, plan for it, and adjust my stride to take the curb?  I told her she needs to “run” through her day the same way, mentally first, before she leaves for school. None of us are perfect at this, but by taking a minute in the morning to close your eyes and run through your whole day, you may alleviate some of the hurdles. I apply this concept in a broader context when I talk with my clients about their estate plan.  “Close your eyes and pretend it all ends in a month.  What do you need to do.”  Effective planning leads to a reduction in anxiety.