How do you plan ahead, and are you spending your time efficiently?  I am a “people watcher”, or I guess you could say “I watch”. I notice, when I go to my F45 workout, how many people miss half the workout, because they are not ready to move to the next station when the bell dings.  They miss half of the next 40-60 second exercise because they didn’t PLAN ahead and didn’t get to the station on time and were not ready when it was go-time.  Look ahead, know where your next station is, watch the clock so you are ready to hustle over, and be ready.  Why show up at all if you are going to miss half the workout?

Is this how we want to run our day?  Lumbering from one thing to the next, showing up late, missing half of what we came to learn or share.  I cannot help but feel that how we run our day is a reflection on how successful we are.  I, for one, vow to show up and be ready for the next set.  My time is valuable, your time is valuable.  Don’t show up late and miss half the workout – regardless if it’s in the gym, in the office, with the family, or with a client..